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Our K9 security dogs can be deployed in a wide variety of situations, whether posted on-site or searching for illegal substances. They can also actively track down intruders, which is useful for sites of all sizes. 

K9s undergo rigorous training to detect drugs, explosives and other contraband, along with being able to apprehend suspects, track individuals and protect their handlers. They can be deployed in various settings, including airports, public events and much more. The presence of K9 units can therefore add that extra layer of security you need. 

Our K9 security services are particularly ideal for situations where a guard or small group of operatives might be outnumbered. 

Based in Derbyshire, our K9 security services provide a cost-effective deterrent on-site. Like our security guards, all our dog handlers are specially trained and qualified to the NASDU standards. They are also all fully SIA licensed.

Why use our guard dogs to enhance your security?

Dogs are invaluable assets in security services for a number of reasons, including because they have a strong sense of smell. This makes them ideal for detecting intruders and objects that might have been missed. 

Dogs also work as an excellent deterrent against intruders. 

Most people are put off by the sight of a well-trained security dog, knowing the risks involved.

Our canines are naturally alert and can quickly detect suspicious behaviour or unusual sounds, providing an early warning to security personnel.

They also offer impressive physical strength and agility, making them capable of apprehending suspects or restraining individuals if necessary.

These dogs are trained for various security tasks, including patrolling, searching, tracking and apprehension, making them versatile assets in security operations.

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