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Monarch Security Services can provide executive protection in any environment, with our guards working throughout the UK and beyond. 

Whether you’re a diplomat, celebrity or ultra-high-worth individual (UHNWI), we will protect both you and your family. It’s our job to collaborate with you to ensure you’re kept safe and well-protected at all times. 

Our close protection and VIP security can be beneficial in a wide range of ways. Above all, it ensures your personal safety and security. Our guards are trained to identify, assess and mitigate threats before they impact our clients.

Monarch Security Services can provide round-the-clock protection, ensuring that you’re safe at all times. 

No matter if you’re at home, travelling abroad or attending an event, we have your back. 

We want you to be able to enjoy your life without worrying about your safety. Our services can include protecting a client's family, ensuring their loved ones are safe as well.

If needed we can control access to your residence, workplace or another location, screening visitors to prevent unauthorised entry. 

Our VIP security also includes secure transportation services, ensuring safe travel between destinations. For clients who travel frequently, our close protection services can provide security on a global scale.

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We can create bespoke solutions that suit your individual risk profile and vulnerabilities.

All our close protection officers are skilled in areas like threat assessment, defensive tactics, first aid,and crisis management. They can conduct thorough risk assessments and develop strategic security plans tailored to your needs and lifestyle. 

Benefit from a discreet and personalised service.

We’re always happy to tailor our security services to fit your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless integration into their daily routine. If needed we can provide discreet protection, blending into the background to avoid drawing attention while still ensuring safety.

Our close protection officers are trained to respect your privacy and confidentiality, so will always be discreet about your personal and professional activities.

If any emergencies do occur, we’re prepared to react immediately. 

In the event of an emergency, our close protection officers can provide critical support. All our security teams are trained to handle a variety of crises, from natural disasters to targeted attacks, ensuring your safety in all scenarios.

By managing security effectively, we can also help prevent incidents that damage your reputation.

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