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How to choose the right event security services in the UK

Getting security right for your large event is absolutely crucial. You want to know that you can trust your chosen provider to deliver everything you need. At Monarch Security Services, we provide comprehensive solutions for events across the UK. Contact us now to find out more, but first read out handy guide to choosing the right security services provider for the job.

What are the requirements?

The first thing to think about it what security measures your large event or festival will need. With thousands of people in a confined space, you have several considerations: crowd control for safety, ensuring only those with tickets can enter, preventing illegal substances from being brought onto the site, and ensuring you have trained personnel who know how to respond in any situation. Choose a provider with proven experience, and be clear about the size and scale of your event up front, so that they can be transparent about what they can provide and whether it will meet your requirements.


Clear structures

The best security firms have clear structures and well defined roles, so everyone on site knows their job, and answers to a senior person who is accountable for a particular area of site security. Ask any potential provider of event security services what their structure is, and how they approach security at large events and festivals. Their answer will either inspire confidence or be a red flag that you should stay away.


Good communication

Your security services provider should give you peace of mind by responding promptly to your communications and by being transparent about their activities and preparations for your event. If a security company doesn’t respond quickly to inquiries, or fail to be up front about their service and their rates is not one you want to choose to provide your security. A good way to ensure you’re making the right choice is by asking for references or recommendations from trusted colleagues and people in your network.


Contact us

Contact Monarch Security Services for a comprehensive and trustworthy security service for large events and festivals in the UK. We adhere to the highest professional standards across the board and have a proven track record of success in delivering exceptional security services to our clients.

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Call the Monarch Security Services team today for large event security solutions, on 01332498247.


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