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5 Essential Retail Security Tips for Business Owners

Discover 5 retail security tips that will help you to keep your business safe from potential threats, with the knowledgeable and experienced team at Monarch Security Services. Contact us today to find out more.

Have security on site

Having security personnel walk the floor is a visible deterrent to would-be shoplifters. After all, criminals are less inclined to attempt a theft if they perceive a high level of protection to be on the premises. The presence of a security patrol not only deters would-be shoplifters and fraudsters, but also serves as a formidable protection against them if they attempt a crime.


Have designated key holders

Limit access to keys by selecting individuals carefully. You, and any other managers or supervisors, should have a key, and you should only hand out keys on extremely rare occasions when necessary, after which they should be returned to management. Keys to the store's closed doors are less likely to fall into the wrong hands if only a small number of trusted employees have access to them.


Use a safe

For decades, safes have provided peace of mind for businesses, and they continue to serve this purpose by guarding valuables and important papers in the modern world. Use your safe for high-value items or anything that might be a target for thieves.


Record incidents to identify security issues

Reporting incidents is an important part of keeping your property safe from repeated threats. A report helps you figure out where security is threatened most often, so it can help you to tailor your security steps to target particular vulnerabilities.


CCTV and monitoring

Security officers can keep an eye on everything with the use of closed-circuit television systems. Through vigilant monitoring, criminals can be caught and trends can be anticipated because you have access to recorded examples of security threats.


For comprehensive retail security solutions from a skilled and experienced team, contact Monarch Security Services today.


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