10 Reasons To Choose Our Security Services In The UK Or Beyond

Monarch Security Services appreciates that there are many different security services in the UK.

Monarch Security Services appreciates that there are many different security services in the UK. Here are just 10 reasons to pick our qualified team for your safety and comfort in 2024:

  1. We offer a wide range of award winning security services. Creating the perfect bespoke security package often involves taking a multi-pronged approach. Whether you need static guards, event stewarding or door supervision, Monarch Security Services is able to support a vast array of clients across Britain and all over the world. Based in Derbyshire, we’re both ideal for those in the local area and further afield. 
    It’s our job to create a security package that covers all bases.
  2. All our operatives are highly qualified and experienced. They have all the qualifications you should expect from leading security professionals. All our team also undergo regular training to keep their skills up to date. Every single professional has been fully DBS checked and vetted in-house. Among our team is NASDU-Trained and Qualified Dog Handlers who can provide protection in various circumstances. 
  3. We are a SafeContractor approved company. SafeContractor approval means our company has been rigorously vetted and meets high safety standards. This verification ensures that a company adheres to best practices in health and safety management, reducing the risk of accidents and incidents on your site. Companies with SafeContractor approval demonstrate a commitment to maintaining high safety and operational standards. This certification shows you have a reliable and responsible contractor.
  4. Monarch Security Services can provide bespoke packages tailored to your needs. When it comes to security, it’s rare that ‘one size fits all’. We can build a package that reflects the exact needs of your business or individual requirements. This means you get precisely the level of security you need without paying for unnecessary services. With bespoke packages, you can address all potential security vulnerabilities, from perimeter protection to access control, surveillance, and alarm systems. This comprehensive approach provides layered security, minimising the risk of breaches or threats.
    As your needs evolve or your property expands, bespoke packages can be easily adapted and scaled to accommodate changes. This scalability ensures that your security measures remain effective and relevant over time.
  5. We can provide VIP security for high profile clients, or those are more risk. With our close protection services, you’ll always feel safe and protected no matter where you are.Our clients include diplomats, celebrities, and ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) who need this type of support. From protecting your against dangerous threats to safeguarding your family, we can tailor our services to reflect your circumstances. We appreciate that high-profile individuals face heightened risks in various aspects of their lives, from physical threats to cyber vulnerabilities. Effective security measures can help ensure your safety and protect your privacy, maintain your public image, and secure your financial interests.
  6. Our work includes retail and corporate security. Our retail security can help prevent theft, both from customers (shoplifting) and employees (internal theft). Retail theft can lead to significant financial losses, affecting the overall profitability of the business. Ensuring a safe shopping environment is vital for customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our work includes protecting customers from potential harm or crime, and therefore contributing to a positive shopping experience.
  7. We can also deliver reliable keyholding services. Dealing with the security of a property day in and out can be stressful. You also don’t want to be called out when dealing with tradespeople if not necessary. Locking and unlocking is just one of the services we can offer that make your life easier. For landlords or property managers who oversee multiple properties, keyholding services can be invaluable for coordinating access for maintenance, repairs, or tenant turnover. Our keyholding services often offer additional security features such as alarm response. In case of a security breach or alarm activation, they can quickly respond to the situation and take appropriate action.
  8. Monarch Security Services also offer residential security. That includes Internal and External Patrols, Securing Doors and Windows, and monitoring CCTV. Physical security measures can help prevent unauthorised access and protect property from theft, vandalism, and other forms of damage.A secure residential environment provides a sense of safety and peace of mind for residents, reducing the risk of burglary, home invasion, and other crimes against persons.
  9. Customer service is highly important to us. We don’t just offer highly skilled security operatives, but professionals who can enhance the reputation of your business. 
  10. Monarch Security Services is an award-winning, SIA approved company. We have over 25 years of experience in this industry and offer highly accredited services to a myriad of clients. Our guards all hold licences regulated by the SIA (Security Industry Authority Licence register). We also regularly verify their licences through the SIA licence holders register. This ensures they have not been revoked for any reason, thereby maintaining the integrity of our security service.

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