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Enjoy Greater Peace of Mind with our Security Solutions in Leicester


Above all, quality security provides you with exceptional peace of mind. It should allow you to focus on your business or life completely without any extra worries. Our security services in Leicester can serve a wide range of purposes, including:

Asset protection.

Our security guards can protect physical assets such as equipment, inventory and property from theft, vandalism, or damage.  

We can also provide security measures which help to safeguard sensitive information stored in physical formats, whether it’s paper documents or hardware devices. Our experienced and qualified team is committed to preventing issues like unauthorised access or theft.

Keep everyone safe at all times. 

Our guards can also safeguard the safety of employees, visitors, and occupants within a facility by controlling access, mitigating risks, and implementing emergency procedures.

Our work includes preventing any trespassers from accessing your site. Monarch Security Services can prevent unauthorised individuals from entering restricted areas, thereby reducing the risk of theft, sabotage, or other malicious activities.

Delivering exceptional security in a wide range of environments.

Our services include close protection and VIP security to a wide range of clients. We collaborate with our clients to keep them safe and protected at all times, with bespoke solutions tailored to suit individual risk profiles and vulnerabilities.

Meet the latest compliance requirements. 

Many market sectors are subject to regulatory requirements regarding physical security to protect sensitive information, maintain the highest safety standards, and adhere to industry-specific regulations. If you work in an industry where that’s the case, we can help.

Ensure it’s business as usual. 

We can minimise the risk of disruptions caused by physical threats like natural disasters or security breaches. By keeping a close eye on your premises, any emergencies will be dealt with as soon as possible. Our keyholding services ensure there’s someone there whenever you need it.

Monarch Security Services can also reduce liability risks associated with theft, accidents, or other security breaches, potentially lowering insurance premiums and legal expenses.

Our security solutions in Leicester are also an excellent deterrent.


Visible physical security measures, such as security guards and  close protection, act as deterrents to potential intruders or criminals, reducing the likelihood of security incidents.

In today's interconnected world, physical security is essential for protecting critical infrastructure, and other key assets from external threats such as terrorism or cyber-physical attacks.

Having decent security measures in place provides peace of mind to everyone, from employees and customers to investors. It shows that you care about safety, security and asset protection. 

If you’re seeking security solutions in Leicester, don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.

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